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Dental Crowns – Kaufman, TX

Restore the Strength and Appearance of Damaged Teeth

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Should you need work done on your teeth, you don’t want it to be noticeable. That’s why we specialize in providing dental crowns in Kaufman that look and feel just like the real thing, so no one will be able to tell the difference! Not only will your restoration be aesthetically pleasing, but it will also protect your damaged tooth from further harm, preserving your natural smile for decades to come. In just two visits to our office, you can have a quality, custom-made crown that completes your smile.

Why Choose Texas Dentistry For Dental Crowns? 

What is a Crown?

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A dental crown is a cap that is custom-fitted to be placed over the visible portion of a damaged tooth to protect it and restore its shape and size. Typically, they’re made from natural-looking materials like ceramic, porcelain, or resin. At Texas Dentistry, each of our restorations is custom-crafted in a dental laboratory for added precision and accuracy. They’re also made from high-quality materials that are long-lasting, meaning you won’t have to get them replaced as often, as long as they’re properly maintained.

Dental crowns are very versatile and are used to perform several functions, including:

Within two appointments, we can have your restoration created and permanently placed. That way, you won’t need to worry about walking around with an unprotected tooth.

What are the Benefits of Getting Crowns?

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There are several advantages of dental crowns. They’re a great restorative solution that can fix a variety of dental problems. After patients have their procedure, they typically find that:

How Do I Take Care of My Crown?

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After investing in the wellbeing and appearance of your smile, it’s no wonder that you’d want to make sure your restoration lasts as long as possible. With the proper maintenance, your can enjoy your restored smile for decades to come. Here are some tips to keep it in great condition:

To keep oral health problems from developing and to repair any unnoticeable damage to your crown that may have occurred, be sure to schedule your routine checkup and cleaning at Texas Dentistry every six months. That way, we can tackle any small problems before they have a chance to progress and wreak havoc on your oral health.

If you have any questions about how we can restore your damaged or missing teeth, be sure to contact us today. We’ll be more than happy to schedule a consultation for you and discuss all possible options to get you the smile you deserve.

Dental Crowns FAQs

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Interested in getting a dental crown from your restorative dentist in Kaufman? From improving your appearance to protecting your tooth and offering durability, there’s a lot to like about adding a crown to your smile. At Texas Dentistry, we’ll go over all the details of this choice during your consultation so you can feel confident in your decision. Before you even sit down with our dentist, keep reading to check out some frequently asked questions from our patients about dental crowns.

What Are Dental Crowns Made of?

We offer a variety of permanent crown materials, including:

  • Metal – The most traditional type of dental crown is made from various metals, such as gold, silver, nickel, chromium, and palladium. While durable, metal crowns come with the major drawback of leaving a dark spot in a patient’s smile. That’s why they’re often only recommended for molars.
  • All-Porcelain or All-Ceramic – A good choice for front teeth as well as patients with metal allergies or sensitivities. However, they’re not as strong as metal crowns.
  • E-Max – This variety is made with lithium disilicate, which is durable and resembles natural tooth color. They're worth the investment because they last a long time and are aesthetically appealing.
  • Zirconia – The strongest dental crowns. Zirconia is extremely durable, bonds well with your teeth, and is 100 percent biocompatible. A preferred option for front teeth.

How Long Do Dental Crowns Last?

Zirconia or metal crowns are particularly durable and could potentially last a lifetime with proper care. The lifespan of an all-porcelain or E-Max crown can be up to 15 years, while an all-ceramic crown generally lasts five years. The longevity of your dental crowns in Kaufman mainly depends on factors such as your diet, dental hygiene, and whether you have any bad oral habits like smoking, nail-biting, teeth grinding, or eating ice. Crowns on front teeth may last slightly longer than crowns on molars, as they’re not subjected to as much wear and tear from chewing.

Do Dental Crowns Get Cavities?

While it’s technically impossible for a crown to develop a cavity, the tooth underneath it still could. A crowned tooth has similar risk of decay compared to an uncrowned one. Poor oral hygiene makes it possible for bacteria and plaque to form where the tooth meets the crown; if they spread underneath the crown, it could mean major trouble for the tooth. Cavity prevention for crowned teeth is the same method as uncrowned – daily brushing and flossing with regular checkups and cleanings.

Does It Hurt to Get a Dental Crown?

Your dentist numbs the tooth they need to work on when you get a crown. That usually means a topical anesthetic, but if you have severe anxiety, they may use dental sedation. Of course, they’ll check to see what you prefer. After your tooth is prepped for a crown, it may be sensitive for a few days, particularly if you also had a root canal. Since a crown protects a vulnerable tooth from damage, in the long run, it will likely prevent pain instead of causing any!  

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